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    Wholesale Lot of servers, Savvis - L3 transit

    Lot of 5 servers with 5 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth over a 100Mbps Fast E uplink.

    For $445.00/month and $250 install you get all this:

    1) AMD 1200MHZ 512 MB RAM 40G HDD IDE 2U
    2) AMD 1333MHZ 512 MB RAM 40G HDD IDE 2U
    3) AMD XP 2400 512 MB RAM 120G HDD IDE 2U
    4) AMD 1600 MHZ 1 GB RAM 36G HDD SCSI 2U
    5) AMD 1666 MHZ 1 GB RAM 120G HDD IDE 2U

    *Linux OS installed on each box (Windows extra). 64IPs included.

    The servers reside in our Phoenix, AZ data center. We have dual GIG e uplinks to top quality upstreams Savvis and Level 3.

    Bandwidth is billed on the 95/5% and additional bandwidth above 5Mbps CDR is billed at a rate of $55/Mbps. 24/7 support and unlimited reboots included.

    **For test IP information please contact me via PM or email. This is a WHT special so please only respond to the email provided or PM.

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    5 Mbps for 5 servers, so 1Mbps each on average???

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