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    * Media Streaming

    I need help here.
    Im so happy to ask question here and u

    What i am going to do is.

    "Streaming Media Server Co-Location"

    We have Encoding Server @ South-Korea.
    Source(Real-time) coming to Here the 'Media Server'.

    'Media Server' Streaming to about 300 Clients 24/7 Real-Time
    and The Media Contents Encoded by 300K~500K Bitrate.
    ;; Ok I need your help here.

    Q#1 What's ur recommended Server's Spec.?
    Q#2 What kind of Co-Location Service (10M? 100M?) is better?
    Q#3 300K~500K x 300 Clients = 90M~150M -_- am i right??
    Q#4 When out Buniness grows We will add more system.
    Im thinkin about 2 ways about add more system.
    I need your opinion.

    #1way - add same server/co-lo service for every 300 added
    #2way - make first server as handle 1000 clients and
    add high co-lo service every 300 added

    Thank you.
    Excuse my english.


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    I am going to assume that you mean Windows Media 9 Streaming server.

    A good server for streaming video clients would have a fiber ethernet card, a 3 ghz or better CPU, and 2 Gig of ram. The size of the hard drive doesnt really matter for streaming. If properly configured and tuned this server would handle over 1,200 simultaneous clients, or 400-450 mbps.

    Encoding is usually around 330 kbps, so you that 3 clients works out to 1 mbps. So for 300 clients you would need around 100 mbps of bandwidth. You would want to specifiy a GigE downlink for the server to take care of burst traffic.

    The first way of doing it -- building the server to handle the larger load in the beginning will be more cost-effective for you in the long run.

    Also, I recommend that you set up two servers in two different locations for redundancy.

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