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    MySQL PHP designer

    Anyone has any recommendations on a product similar to the following:

    www [dot] easygen [dot] com
    www [dot] hkvstore [dot] com / phpmaker

    Both products are great but lacks query flexibilities I need...

    Here's what I'm trying to accomplish...

    The database will contain a table with the following fields (Database created, but can be re-created. No data in it.):

    - Category (i.e. concerts, sports...)
    - Name (Performer, event name...)
    - Date & Time
    - Time
    - Venue
    - City
    - State
    - Online Sale Date and Time
    - Online Presale Start Date and Time
    - Online Presale End Date and Time
    - Presale Registration Link (hyperlink)
    - Presale Notes
    - Presale Password
    - Sale Link (hyperlink)

    Members should be able to easily do queries with the following search fields (but not limited to):

    - Type
    - Name
    - Date & Time
    - Venue
    - State
    - Timezone (Atlantic, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, and Hawaii)
    - Online Sale Online Date Time
    - Online Presale Date and Time

    Here's the conditions on the query:

    - Drop down that has Presale Date and Time for TODAY, TOMORROW, 7 DAYS, 1 MONTH
    - ALL "Times" will be converted in the TIMEZONE that the user pre selected prior to the search
    - Define sort field prior to submitting search
    - Design query result view to display in a Width=800px page
    - All fields in the table will be shown in the resulting queries.
    - Hyperlink is not the exact url but a link (i.e. Go, Visit, Surf, etc…)

    Thanks in advance.. Hope someone can help...


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    What kind of help are you after? Someone to do it for you (hire someone), or help with a bit of code that you are stuck with?
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    I'm not familiar with MySQL and PHP, but can pretty much figure things out as I go, although it will take some time. That is why I'm looking at a software that will make it easier for me in doing the above database I described.

    The software I mentioned sells for $65 - $150, so if I can pay anyone to do it for me for about that range, I will be willing to do that (interested?). The project is not that difficult, I just don't have the time to learn it right now.

    Thanks for your reply. PM me if you're interested, I posted the details of the job in another topic you replied to.

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