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    HostForWeb VPS

    Hi there,

    I have just signed up for a HostForWeb VPS, just to have a testing area and so on.


    Anyone had any experience with their VPS or with the company?

    Also, can anyone tell me what this package is like for the price:


    Storage 10GB
    Bandwidth 200GB
    Guaranteed RAM 256+
    Max RAM 8GB
    Guaranteed CPU 208.8+ Mhz
    Max CPU 2x3133.4Mhz
    IP Addresses 3
    Complete Root Access
    Personalized Nameservers
    Free Cpanel/WHM panel
    Virtuozzo Power Panel
    Free Fantastico DeLuxe Install
    RedHat 9.0

    $39.95 per month.


    Thanks for any advice.

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    I can't really comment on the quality of the company because I don't know them.

    As for part II, that's a fair price. You'll get people who will tell you that you overpaid and some who will look at the price and wonder why they didn't sign up for a deal like that.

    Overall if you're happy with the service, happy with the product, and you can make your business work in that price range then it's the right price for you.

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    I am the one who searching for best deal.
    I found that VPS-1 features is the same as

    but is cheater $4 less garranty CPU%.

    By the way, I check the DNS IP of,
    They are IP from
    I check it out. HostForWeb have the same VPS plan,
    same features and same web layout!!!

    Both hosting allow adult content too...Great! unrestrict....

    Hope this help for another visitors.

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    Maybe on next month, I will move to hostforweb.
    Price higher $5 but it has a better private VPS forums.
    And you can start R e f e r r a l P r o g r a m.
    The real datacenter staffs will stay closer and they have more tools more experience.

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