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  1. #1 - Traffic/Revenue domain - $80 BIN.


    I'm selling the domain

    mtrg mistype/understanding for MRTG (router software) commonly seen on WHT and generally in the web hosting scene.

    Been registered since March 6th 1998 and is registered at till 2007 March

    8,210 listings on Google for mtrg.

    The domain has traffic and has been parked at Sedo since May 10th.

    Screenshot of last 31 days (10th May to present day)
    Excel document of both months

    I'm looking for $70 with a BIN of $80. Open to offers as this must go.

    If you have any questions/offers please post here for PM me.
    John Heslop

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    PM sent. I am willing to pay almost up to 2 years revenue for

    Let me know via PM your paypal id.

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    nice domain!
    If for some reason Collector doesn't take it, i might be interested.

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    Sold to Collector.

    Pleasure doing business with you. Fast payment and very polite.
    John Heslop

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    Same pleasant experience. Thank you!

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