Hello, a week or so ago I posted about slicing template for $5!

I'm still doing it for our upcoming site - http://psd-sliced.com!

It's not done yet, about 85 percent done...

We have sliced a few templates under the site so far! Here's a few testimonials

"PSD-Sliced is a very fast-reliable slicing service. Gave them a very nice .psd file to be sliced and recieved the file in a very short amount of time. Very reliable and quick, a clients dream!"
-Stuart Hannig (PS3Gaming.Com)

"I stumbled across PSD-Sliced when looking for someone to slice a template I owned. I was unsure at first at the very low prices, but they proved to me you can get quality at cheap prices! Not only was the first good of a high standard but it was completed in no time at all. A long with that the staff members that I encountered were very friendly and helped me through the process of slicing and coding my template in a very professional manor. If you’re looking for a template to be sliced, don’t look anywhere but here! They’ll have it done in no time for a low price and at a high standard!"
- Peter Donlon (CreationHost.com)

If your interested mail me or contact me on a messenger.

e-mail: justin [at] customizelinux.com
msn: justin [at] customizelinux.com
aim: muttersdapenguin