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Thread: Quitting A Job.

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    Quitting A Job.

    Today.... I quit a job... against what my parents wanted me to do, and not to mention the restaurant wasn't very happy.

    I worked a total of 4 days, and I have to say it was probably the worst 4 days I've ever worked.

    When I was hired I was promised 8.00/hour and I got my paycheck it turned out to be 7.00/hour and the owner refused to budge.

    So, I called them up an hour before I was supposed to work and quit.

    Oh well, I hated it, and I'd probably never work at a restaurant again.

    What are your quitting experiences? (not ones because you were moving and such, ones that you hated the job and quit?)

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    I quit from a job once because store politics where a joke. Rumours and pure Bu11$sh1t flying everywhere. If you where promised $8.00 and he wouldn't live up to it I don't blame you at all. You might even be able to sue them if it says $8.00 in an ad for false advertising. Look for a new job and something you enjoy.

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    It can be very hard to find a new job when you don't already have one. I have quit some jobs, but usually when I see that my situation is bad and getting worse, I try to have a job offer to quit to.

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    I would of did the same.

    MY quitting experience.

    Selling Kool-aid.. (true story)
    Use to make what $15 a day, even $7 if I was luck. MY kool-aid team was thinking of moving to mowlawning and doing kool-aid too. We made some what of some good money well at least back then. We sold candy, kool aid and did lawns and edges and everything. We had then stop working after about a week, reason we already had enough to buy candy bags of it too, so we had quit and here I am posting you guys this story..

    And one thing that pisses me off... Some pople told us they forgot their money and then, drove off after getting the koolaid, but its kool we all backed washed on it anyways... or was it the other canister? heh well you said to tell you about one of our storys on quitting a job.. heres one

    Recent, quit a job working at a resturant too.. The manager or owner I guess you can say was a real jack ***. told everyone QUICKY QUICKLY and then when he was in the spot he was slow. Cut your payment if your not going as fast as he wants, I quit his job the first day in 3 hours..

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    So you people are recommending he sue over lost wages for 4 days work?

    Did you get the offer in writing?

    When you get old enough to understand responsibility you will understand that you did nothing but screw the other people who work at this restaurant.
    Quitting a job with one hour notice in unacceptable in any situation.

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    I think sticking with things that we hate to do builds character although in this case he promised something he didn't deliver...I've never actually quit a job except to go back to school.

    I've worked at a restaurant for $3.45/hr - hated it but I bought a nice guitar that summer.

    Worked as a bagger at a grocery store next summer for $3.35/hr - hated it even more but worked there the whole summer.

    Sold knives one summer. That was fun.

    I was fired from one job, however, so I guess that's worse than quitting. I was doing cold calls for a telemarketer. Talk about a job I hated. I had a hard time picking up the phone and calling people one after another. I think they got tired of my fear of calling people who hated me so they politely let me go. I was very relieved.
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    So you hated the job! Most people hate their jobs, and while the manager/boss may have been unprofessional to you, you were certainly unprofessional about quitting 1 hour before your shift. Now those other employees have to cover your shift. Not very nice.

    It's always professional to give a 2 weeks notice. I understand that you and him probably had a an agreement of $8.00/hr and he's only paying you $7.00/hr. So stick to the job, get paid the $7/hr. (which is still more than min. wage) and look for another job. Then professionally give a 2 weeks notice and leave. Unless he's physically or verbally abusive to you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

    Just because the boss is unprofessional doesn't mean you have to me. Remember, THE BOSS HAS A JOB, YOU DON'T.

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    I quit a job with only three hours notice before... and before I get flamed, let me explain the situation. I wasn't the ONLY person that quit, FOUR of us quit within two hours of each other on this day.

    The day was the day after Final Four, March 29th, 1994. I was working at Sea Tac Airport, North Sattelite, for Host Marriott, the food concessionairre. I was three weeks away from beginning my fourth year there, and was growing more and more disenfranchised with the stressed out traveller. Couple that with a LOT of politics going on with the management and the fact that management was all about cutting costs as much as possible (including washing off bacon from the night before and serving it the next morning).

    I got so fed up with working in this environment, and HERE Local 8 wasn't doing squat for the employees (our own inhouse rep was chummy chummy with management).

    My shift was to start at 12:00. I called my boss and said that I was tired of all of this and quit on the spot. She laid into me big time and slammed one hell of a guilt trip on me, making everything MY fault for her own politics. I got off the phone in tears. That afternoon, I went down to my Union's office and lodged a formal complaint. Found out that Linda C. pulled the same exact antics with the other three people that quit, who called to file complaints against the manager, as well. That's also when I found out that I wasn't the only one that quit that day.

    Fast forward three months later. The GM of Host Marriott Operations called Linda into his office and fired her on the spot for employee abuse and all the politics and complaints about mismanagement and cost cutting that was affecting morale. She literally flipped out and had a panic attack. Paramedics were called to treat her.

    That was the last day I ever worked for food service. It's a decision that changed my life forever and propelled me to where I am at now. It was the smartest decision I had ever made, and I don't regret it at all.
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    I quit a job before I even started, well sorta..

    A friend of mine and I bet each other a pack of smokes who would be fired from McDonalds first, I lost...

    What he was fired for? "I didn't think they stacked **** that high" was his comment to one of the managers. I quit after about a week, my heart just wasn't in it hahaha. **** McDonalds, crappy food, underpaid staff, did I say crappy food?
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    Yes, I know it wasn't nice quitting one hour before I was supposed to start. But, how I see it, I worked a total of four hours, I would never put it down as a reference, so there is no reason for me to go in and work, even if I had put in a two weeks notice. I have plenty of work related references and so I'm not worried.

    I don't work for blatent liars. If they want to screw some one, screw somebody else, I'm not going to have anything to do with it.

    By the way, I've had another job for quite a while, this was a second one.

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    When I was in college I worked at Dominos to make some cash, all in all a decent enough job for that time. One day my manager asked me (think it was Wed lunch shift) if I could fill in on Saturday for someone who had to be out, said sure no biggie. Well Friday I started feeling bad and even left Dominos early (I asked to be the first driver let go after the dinner rush) and when I didn't feel better Sat morning, I called in sick, nothing major sore throat & runny nose, one of those quick bugs, probably allergies as much as anything.

    Well the district manager was there helping out that morning because there was more than one person out, and he got all pissed and he made my manager write me up, I went in that Sunday morning (I was scheduled for a 15 hour shift). She was asking me into her office as soon as I walked into the door to ask me to sign the write-up slip, I said hang on lemme get my uniform out of my truck, then went back in and handed it to her. She said "sign this before you go" I just looked at her and smiled and said "I ain't signing s..t" and handed my manager my uniforms and name tags and told her "I ain't nobody's whipping boy, I was sick, I called in, you don't write people up for being sick, so I quit, effectively immediately" and walked back to my truck and went home. I think the 2 years I worked for them I missed, maybe, 3 days of work.

    The funniest part was later that day the District Manager called me and was all like "look just come back to work" I told him what I thought of him "look Jim I don't like you, but you were the boss so I was civil to you, but now you're just another dumbass in a domino's uniform to me, next time you're on the rag and having a bad day you can take it out on someone else I'm not coming back you can forget it". Only time I ever walked off a job without notice like that.

    Little did I know my next boss would make Dominos looke like sunday school with milk and cookies and little glitter jesus paintings...

    As for giving notice, I'm of two minds on the issue, on one hand, you SHOULD give notice, it's the RIGHT thing to do, but on the other, I've seen it too often, a couple times for myself, and several times on others, you give notice and instead of working out the 2 weeks or whatever, they let you go on the spot! Nothing like 2 weeks with no income Guess it's kinda a case of two wrongs don't make a right...
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    I quit jobs before, but I always gave good notice (but one job). That was Burger King when I worked there. That was the most horrible most sick place I have EVER worked. So I quit, and never ate there again (that bad).

    I also worked at Wendys while back. I quit because I was not getting paid enough and not enough respect from the DM and GM. I worked there for 9 months, and I was there hardest worker there. I was also the fastest sandwich maker at that time there as well (on average less 80 seconds in drive thru).

    I would have to get up every day at 4 am to get ready to work at 5 am. I would do this 6 days a week on average. I had to make sure everything was stocked, everything cleaned, and everything was preped before we opened at 10:30 am. Then after 8 months of it I said I can not do it no more not for what I was getting paid. I was only getting paid $6.30 per hour, and the DM told me to my face I can get a raise to $6.75, but that is as high as I can go.

    So I gave them a one month notice and I quit. Though it was not fair on me to work around 10 to 15 hours a day 6 days a week. Also another thing that made me mad was the night crew got a pay raise of .70 cents, but no one else did.

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    When I was about 16 I got my first "On the books" job working at Target, pushing carts and stocking shelves.. Wasn't that bad, I worked there for about 8 months or so, when I originally started, I had to fill out and Availability form in which I put 4pm - Any for weekdays (school) and Any-Any for weekends..

    Well towards the end of the school year, I wanted a little extra free time so I went to change my Availability form to have tuesdays & Thursdays off.. I turned it in, and they said NO you can't have 2 off.

    So I put in a second one, going for just tuesdays, this time, I got the response "I'm sorry but were not accepting any Availability change requests right now"

    Well the first rejection made me mad enough, but the second one telling me that I was pretty much stuck working 7 days a week all summer long, wasn't going to fly... at this point I was already signed up for the Navy set to leave in September and really didn't care for the job anymore

    I set off and filled out a 3rd availability form this time from Sunday - Saturday marked as OFF yes all 7 days! And turned it in right after I clocked out. The manager looked at me and said "Whats this?" I responded with.. "It's my 2 weeks notice, 14 days late" and walked out.
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    Originally posted by Trifolic
    I set off and filled out a 3rd availability form this time from Sunday - Saturday marked as OFF yes all 7 days! And turned it in right after I clocked out. The manager looked at me and said "Whats this?" I responded with.. "It's my 2 weeks notice, 14 days late" and walked out.

    That was great.

    Heres mine, its a bit long though... I gave a five minute notice.

    I was working for a local convience store for about 11 months (2nd in senioirty). If I would have stayed another week, I would have been there a year. It all started when our manager was fired and I was still in school at the time. So the owner wanted to know if I could work more, and I said yes. I worked 40-60 hours week at $6/hr plus school. When school was out (about a month later) I ended up doing 60-70 hours, sometimes 15 days in a row with no day off. Hey, I had nothing to do either so it was all good. I also got to do managment duties such as counting the cash in the back, doing paperwork, etc. Me and the owner got along great.

    So the time came when the owner found a new manager. Our old "milk guy". Just if I had a few more months experience, It'd be my store. Anyway, I ended up training the new manager on the register, stocking, grounds maintence, etc. Then after his probation (90 days) he started making unrealistic demands. Since I had the 3-11 shift (the busiest) and the store was located on a busy subdivision road between 3 major parts of town (between downtown, the bars, hangouts, & residental areas) we would get tons of traffic on Fridays. I knew this, the other cashiers knew this, the owner knew this and yes, the new manager knew this.

    Some of his new "Friday demands" was to clean the bathrooms, clean the shelves, sweep and mop the floor, wash the parking lot, wash & polish the pumps... etc. else face getting written up. Now this is during a time period when there is *only* a break between customers is 9:30PM-10PM. Which were not allowed to exit the building after 6PM. The kicker, there is only ONE employee present at these times.

    Anyway, after about 3 weeks of discussing the new manager with the owner, and later on, the owner, him and me started a meeting (I worked all Friday 3-11 shifts then had to come back in Saturday morning at 7AM) I started looking for work and told the owner if he doesnt straiten out, I'm walking. I also told the new manager if he didnt back off the requests I'd walk. Hey, I tried working it out. I tried this 3 times (once a week)... His demands got more out of whack (pressure washing the premisis, cleaning outside sign, etc). Then I gave up and pressed on for another 2 months.

    Here we go... It was a Monday, 1 week before my 1 year anniversary and I put in an application at a warehouse for $10/hr... I get a call tuesday from the warehouse wanting me to come in for a second interview and a tour of the ware house. I had to be there at 1PM. I had to work that day 3-11 as usual. So at 1:33, they want to know when I want/could to start tonight (work nights) or wait till tomorrow. I told them next tuesday would be great... Fine, a new job starting in a week at $10hr with benefits, and weekends off compared to 6 days @ $6hr... Easy math.

    So I go home and chill for about an hour. so I get ready for work. All we had for a uniform was a shirt which I didnt put on until I got into the store. I left a little eariler than my usual time. I always got to work at 2:55PM, since it was only 2 miles down the road and I was a frequent bicyclist, but this time I took my car so I left at 2:50PM.

    I pull my car into pump 3, walk in the store. Now due to some other employees getting fired the previous week, the "new manager" has been working Tuesday & Wednesday mornings. I walk to the counter and say.. "I want $5 on pump 3, and I quit."

    He goes irate and since the owner doesnt leave the store until 5PM he was still there, so the new manager ran in and told the owner. The owner calls me into the office and wants to know "what the hell is up with that". I walked into the office, and looked at the "new manager" and pointed at him and then looked back at the owner and said" You know why I'm doing this. I'd told you I'd walk if he doesnt loosen up." Now since I was 2nd in seniority and was pretty much the primary trainer the owner wanted to keep me... bad. He asked if I had a job lined up and I said yes, then he asked for how much... The owner about freaked when I said $10/hr. Then the "new manager" blurted out, "fine, I'll just give you a bad reference". He was also the kind of guy that assumed I was just a dumb kid, what would I know? I was almost 19 at the time. i told him "go for it. The worst thing you can say is when they ask 'would you re-hire him', the worst thing you can say is 'no'. Adding to that is defimation of character and I will screw your *** with a lawyer. Theres nothing stopping me from testing you but air and opportunity."

    That was that...

    You dont **** with Jerry...

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    I used to work at a law firm and right after I started, I knew that this wasn't what I wanted to do. My first hour of my first day the administrator (manager) made me cleaned the surface of a copy machine (and I was supposed to be lawyer's assistant, not a housekeeper)...After the 3rd day, I told them I had found another job, they were REALLY upset because they just hired me and did all the paper works just the day before and yet I didn't give them 2 weeks notice. When I left the place I told them: "I'm so glad I've found myself a new job" and walked out the office

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    Back in January I quit my web development job (did give 2 weeks--though only a few days were needed) to go out on my own and run my own business. To this date--that's the best decision I've ever made for myself. In the short (6 months) time that I've been self-employed, I've loved every second of it as well as doing much better financially.

    Edit: I'd like to add that my parents were completely against it. I understood their reasoning. The problem was--they didn't understand mine
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    well my quit was from wipro international last year and now i donot work anywhere and plan to do some sort of bussiness.

    I just worked for 3 months as an part time programmer and they put an headache to me,

    they paid $100/ month and had made me work for 10 hrs and i was not happy at all, then i made an move to quit

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    I've never had a "job", as such. I officially started in the full-time workforce as an apprentice carpenter. I got paid when there was work. When we finished the house, and there was no more work lined up, I had to go out and find other work, waiting for the boss to ring up and start a new home. So there'd be work for 6 weeks, and then no work for 2 weeks, waiting for the next house to be ready for us to start. I started my apprenticeship during a big downturn in the building industry.

    So I finished my 4yr apprenticeship, and started subcontracting, for the same project builder that my boss worked for. I went to the Boss's house after my Xmas holidays, and he thought it was a good idea for me to start sub-contracting, cause his son was coming back to work for him. So he rings up the project building company, and within the hour I have a set of plans to start a house, and I started the next day!

    Did a couple of years there, and then went to subcontract for another builder. The condition of working for this other builder, was I had to employ the builder's son, as my apprentice.

    That situation lasted about 4mths, with me going on a 3 week holiday and just not coming back. I rang the builder and told him to get another babysitter, and that was that.

    Considering I've never had a "job", and pretty much always been self employed, that's about the closest I've come to quitting.

    Although I have had one employee walk out on me. Apparently he was supposed to get a Rostered day off (RDO) every 4 weeks. Well, noone told me, and we were working on a house just out of town, and I wondered where my employee had gone. It was a pretty big house site, so I figured he was around the front. I went looking for him, and noticed his gear gone, and could see him walking up the street. I yelled out where the firetruck was he going, and he said he was quitting. I then yelled back that he wouldn't get a red firetruck cent out of me, and he could firetruck off. He then yelled back something else, and that was that!

    The next week (around 15 yrs ago) I employed another apprentice, who worked with me for 18mths, and that chap is actually building a house down the road from my house, right now. It's a small world. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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