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    Free Control Panels

    I'm looking for help in comparing some of the free (as in beer) control panels. I have a unique sitation in that I mostly want to be able to control a number of my own virtual hosts - no resellers, no users changing their own accounts, etc.

    I want to run Linux (Debian, White Box, maybe others,) Apache2, PERL, PHP4 and MySQL4.0.
    I need to support FTP, but I'm open to most any daemon.
    I need to support virtual mail users and would prefer a solution such as Cyrus IMAP. I'd strongly prefer that they weren't user accounts, but I might have to change my mind on this.

    I've used Webmin/Virtualmin before and it kind of drops the ball on for the virutal mail users support, but otherwise would be a very good tool for me! See, I don't need any fluff like cPanel has, I just want to not have to do everything from the CLI, although I could, it's just time consuming.

    I'm familiar with web-cp and Domain Technologie Control. I think I'll probably try both of these out soon.

    What I'm looking for here is for advise from anyone who has used these in the real world. Any problems, what do you like/dislike? Why did you choose what you did? I won't completely rule out a commercial product, but most are pricey and do a lot more than what I need... Are there any other free control panels I should consider?

    Here are some links for reference. This is my first post so I can't post full links.
    Webmin/Virtualmin - webmin_com
    web://cp - web-cp_net
    DTC - gplhost_com/?rub=softwares&sousrub=dtc

  2. I've used web-cp in a production enviroment for about 2 years. There are extensive notes on setting it up with supporting software @ and I've made some of my own code additions available @ .

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