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    Hosting for video

    Hi all,

    A client of mine is looking to start offering video for download on his site. However, he wants to have users upload video in certain formats (the more the better), and have them converted (using a product like Sorenson Squeeze, I imagine) in the background, and, when available in WMV, MPG & RV, put them up for download.

    We currently run his existing site, which runs on Linux & PHP. We're looking at getting a second dedicated server to handle just multimedia, and have it be a windows box (that way we can run video conversion programs on it - I know there are some for Linux, but I haven't found a terribly reliable one, and I think it's good practice to separate the website from the conversion box anyway - we're also going to be purchasing flash communication server, which runs on windows) - anyone have any recommendations? Does anyone else offer a service like this? If we could push this off to a third party vendor, that'd be fine.


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    How much bandwidth do you expect to use on this server? What's the budget?
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    I'm fairly certain that cost is no object. :-) We have a dedicated server with Liquidweb, one of the middle-of-the-road options, and I was looking at a complimentary Windows solution from the same place. But we were looking at installing some video transcoding software on it, to make this happen. Right now we're leaning toward Sorensen Squeeze: video would be uploaded to the media server (the Windows one), which would then batch process it, and inform the web application when the process was complete.

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