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    Probably a Simple PHP Question

    I have a script in which I need to get the domain of the site the script is running on into a variable in PHP so for example if someone uploads the script to their site - - the variable $domain in the PHP script needs to be set to the Hope that makes sense.

    I've looked in to using $_SESSION but I can't find a variable that retrieves just the domain. If anyone could help I'd be really greatful.


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    look into the $_SERVER command. if u run <?php phpinfo(); ?> on ur site, u can see what output the domain name. then jsut use that command with the server variable. ex. $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERR_AGENT']; or something along those lines. PM me and I can give ya the actual code when I get home and have access to my manuals and sources.

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    I think $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is what you're looking for. Have a look at

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    Thanks, that works great.
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