URL: http://www.eatmyflames.com and http://www.flamingexhaust.com

Age of business (months): 20

Avg. monthly revenue: $12,000 Gross / $6,500+ Net Income

Revenue details:
We are currently grossing an average of $12,000 a month, and the net income has averaged about $6,700 a month.

Avg. monthly pageviews: 20,000

Traffic details:
Our traffic between the two sites online is about 250 uniques a day. Our conversion rate to sales is lose to 2% on eatmyflames.com! This is one of only 6-8 companies on the entire world wide web selling this type of product. We have a competitive adge with with our eBay sales outlet as well as due to our web site design. Very niche market with very little true competition!

This is likely one of the most unique companies for sale on the market. I am an investor of sorts that buys companies, makes them very profitable, and then sells them to move on to my next project. You will see that this opportunity is as good as it gets. I am very upfront and have all documentation and records available for review. I have run this out of a 650 sq ft office and now currently run the company from my 450 sq ft home office with no need for extra room. This business is RELOCATABLE. Business has grown tremendously with the new web site developed eatmyflames.com, we are averaging $12,000 a month in gross sales, and $6,700 a month in net income. This is $80,000 a year as it stands! The company has been in business since December 2003. I purchased the company in September 2003 when I saw the potential. I have since grown the business to where it is today and there is much more room to grow. The sale will come with inventory, supplies, all applicable domain names (5 of them), web sites (3 of them), vendor accounts PIF, no debt, customer lists, eBay PowerSeller account, and a great toll free number. These kits are easy to assemble and I have a video prepared for the purchase to reference as well. I will provide buyer with 3 days training in person if the buyer chooses to travel to my location. I am willing to travel to the buyer's location with expenses paid. I will also provide the buyer with 30 days of training via the telephone and email. Please email or call for the details and once the NDA has been signed and received I am happy to discuss it all.

Price: $119,500.00

Is an auction? No

Auction ends: When Sold

Indexed Pages (Google): 24

Indexed Pages (Yahoo): 25

Google PageRank: PR4

Alexa Ranking: 387,262

Links: EatMyFlames.com Traffic Overview
EatMyFlames.com May Overview
FlamingExhaust.com Monthly Overview - decrease due to adwords being pushed solely on EatMyFlames.Com
FlamedExhaust.Com Site Design - completed but not implemented.
Paypal Screen Shot
Paypal Screen Shot #2 (sales also processed outside of Paypal through merchant account in house)
eBay Feedback - currently selling 100+ kits a month on eBay alone
eBay Auction Template

I will provide further details and Financial Records only after signing a non compete agreement. PM if you are interested in learning more. Thanks!