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    Hosting biz structure

    Hello Group,

    Please I need to know more about a hosting company structure

    specially administration task.

    is there an administrator responsible for each task eg. (mail servers , DNS )

    and another one for security and so or how is it strucutred?


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    In my opinion:
    1. CEO
    2. Accountants
    3. Technicians (server administrators)

    1. Programmer(s)
    2. Web designer
    3. Sales-person(s) (this job can be taken by accountants as well)
    4. Lawyer

    And you can have several admins and separate such tasks as security maintenance and simple administrative tasks (installing new programs etc.) as you mentioned before.
    Paulius Sprindys

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    Mine is flatter, me CTO, below me are the support staffs, we don't have sales staff, accounts is outsource.

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    1. President / Founder
    2. CEO and CTO
    3. Executive VP of Accounting
    4. Executive VP of Sales
    5. Technical support 3-4 people (to cover 24/7)
    6. Sales team 3-4 people (to cover 24/7)
    7. Secretary one for whole company.
    8. Executive VP of Business development (who will developed business relation ships for your business)

    Lawyer you can find on a side not required to have one in your company.

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    well the structure to begin with should be more like

    big company

    it will give you some valuable experience before "diving in at the deep end" the problem with hosting you own server is that there is alot of legal things you need to take into consideration, where like the 2nd poster said you need laywers etc

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    Thanks for everybody who answered me , u were helpful guys.

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