Hey all,

My site: http://www.volconvo.com

My stats: http://www.volconvo.com/stats.gif

Alexa Rating (in the top 100,000): 75,713

I am looking to open my site up for several text ads and a banner/button or two.

Site Description: The site attracts mostly bloggers from all sides of the spectrum (white collar, college students, conservatives, liberals, etc). It is a site that has thousands of debates ranging from technology to philosophy.

Package Prices/Options:

If you use the links to signup please pm me with the keywords/url you will be using so I can get it up right away.

Let me know if you would like to do something different. We can always work something out.

If you would like to talk to me before signing up pelase contact me with the info below!

Contact me: Send me a pm or email [email protected].