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    * Easy to use Modernbill Dashboard for your Customers. A Must Have!

    After using modernbill for years, our users seem to have trouble finding their way around Modernbill when it comes to changing their password, updating their Credit Card etc etc.

    So what we did was we went and made it much more user friendly. Not only does it make it easier for customers to navigate through modernbill, but now they can login to their control panel, and/or webmail with the click of button which makes it a must have for everyone!

    *Note: This will work with ANY modernbill theme!

    Modernbill 4.x

    Screen Shot:

    Cost: $25

    If you would like to purchase this Modernbill Add-on please send $25 to [email protected] via PayPal and you will receive the package in a matter of minutes!

    Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] for more information.

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    Does this work with Kayako eSupport integration? And, how are you doing domain management?
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    Yes it most certainly does. The right side of the dashboard is a free addon in the modernbill forums made by

    TISolutions (
    Robert Wawrzyniak ([email protected])

    That we included for free. Basically it opens up the domain management in Modernbill and allows the customer to modify the whois information as long as it's registered through modernbill.

    What we're selling is the left side of the dashboard with the icons, and yes it does work with Kayako eSupport.

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    looks like a great feature
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    Any chance of seeing a live version of this? For example, setting up a client for us to login as?, a Digitally Justified Company
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    I don't see in demo server status, and others things in right column like jpg, why?
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    The server status is missing most likely because he was testing a fix for an issue I was having with it last night.

    Note to self: Server status + Windows server = Page errors.
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    Great addon

    Do you have a link to the server status thing?
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