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    seeking partner in a gaming site

    I'm looking for someone with some skills and some time to start COD2 fansite.

    What I can offer:

    1. The awesome domains: and

    2. lifetime Hosting

    3. Owned VB license.

    4. Admin when site is complete.

    What the partner will offer:

    1. Getting the site up and looking nice.

    2. Admin when site is complete.

    For this, we will share 50-50 of any revenue the site may earn from ads etc.

    If interested, I can do the same thing with Age of Empires (part 3 is coming soon) I have and

    Would prefer someone 18+ and in North America.

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    Ontario, Canada
    Do you want a totally new look for vb or just tweak a current template?

    I might be interested.

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