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    Any taker? (cat lovers)

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    Re: Any taker? (cat lovers)

    Originally posted by The Dude
    New product:

    I've got a friend/customer who has done this, though by a similar method. The product is called a sitz bath I believe (someoen correct me here, as I'm fairly sure thats wrong looking at it now heh).

    Basically its something that hospitals/pharmacy's can provide for people who are having rectal problems, or have had surgery down under recently. You place the bath on the toilet, and fill it with either warm, or cold water, and potentially salt, then sit and allow it to soak into your nether regions. It's supposed to help with a variety of problems down under (constipation, bleeding, swelling, stuff like that).

    He said that he had done the exact same process (some years ago) with the sitz bath, a pair of scissors/snips, and patience (he has video's of his cat using the regular toilet seat no less). I've been telling him for awhile he needs to market it as a guide/product, as I think all cats should be "toilet" trained (if we can use it, and they can use it too, why not?! waste not want not, and who here does not absolutly hate cleaning kitty pans?!).

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    I've read other howtos that take a similar proces, of putting the litterbox next to the toilet. Then slowly raising it (putting it on phone books) so it is right next to the toilet height. Then taking a metal bowl, and putting a bit of kitty litter in it, and setting it into the toilet bowl (one large enough that the lips hold it in place inside the seat). Then slowly lowering the amount of litter, and eventually putting a little bit of water in it. Then when the cat is used to going into the water of the bowl, just take the bowl out, and they'll be toilet trained.

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    Ah, but how long does it take to get the cat to flush too High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    I think this is a great idea. I've never been a fan of the smell of the litter box - especially in an apartment.

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    Originally posted by Philipf
    Ah, but how long does it take to get the cat to flush too
    You could install a motion sensor for that

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