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    Weird Problem with WHM/Autopilot

    I'm using Hostgator for my shared reseller account. I will be sure to post a review after a month or so.

    I have WHM installed and it works great. Naturally, I would like to have a way for people to sign up on my web site and pay and their account gets created and the domain gets registered. So Autopilot made perfect sense. I installed with no errors and everything seems to be setup correctly.

    Here is my problem.

    I am able to go into Autopilot and manually create a new account and that account gets created in WHM and the directories get setup when I select "Activate - Install Now" under manage account.

    However, when I use the link for step one from my website that autopilot uses so people can sign themselves up, it creates the account in autopilot with a status of "Keep Account Active" and DOES NOT create the account in WHM. Likewise, when I go into the account in autopilot if it was created automatically, if I switch the status under "Manage Account" back to "Reset Account to Pending in Autopilot Only" and then Select "Activate - Install Now" it still will not create the account in WHM and does not setup the account on the server even though it says that it was successfully created and I get no error messages.

    At the end of the day, I like that autopilot will not immediately setup the account in WHM until I change the status so I can scan for fraud, but seeing as it works with manually created ones I would expect it to create the site when I select "Active - Install Now"

    Has anyone else had this problem? This is the only issue I have after all the stuff I have setup....LOL! Hopefully its an easy one because I've been trying to fix it for 2 days and the Autopilot forums are pretty dead.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Did you setup the accounts in WHM with the same name


    Standard in WHMAP & Standard in WHM

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    Yep, sure did.

    And that's why it works if I setup an account manually. I'm confused because what could be different about creating an account using the link Autopilot provides vs. creating the account manually that makes for an account that autopilot shows but will not allow to be created in WHM, even with manual intervention after the fact.


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