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    For Spamming

    Main Host is

    He is from Canada
    Just use who is to see the name and see if he is using you...

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    Thread-Topic: Our NEW Auction Software Is Ready...
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    Subject: Our NEW Auction Software Is Ready...
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    Our new auction software is ready!! Our demo. site is located at:

    Admin Login URL:

    ID: admin
    Password: annbv634

    Please try out the site, and let me know what you think. It is a far superior design from any auction site on the market today, and it does have a FULL featured admin area.

    Here are just SOME of the features the admin area has:


    - Add user,
    - Ban user


    - Add category
    - Delete category
    - Edit category
    - Addunlimited number of subcategories, to ANY level you wish (example: Automobiles->Cars->Chevrolet->Corvette->.....


    - Set colors of : Text, Hover, Highlight, Font, Change font size, Change font, Background Image , and more...
    - Change Pricing for EVERY listing fee, Final Value fees, etc. etc, image hosting fee
    - Payment methods
    - Change Icons for listing page
    - Change bid duration
    - FULL classifieds control - also disable / enable classifieds!!
    - disable or enable Buy it now
    - Remove user feedback / View all user feedback
    - and MORE!


    - View any auction item
    - Delete any auction item
    - Edit any auction item


    - View / Edit any email message that is sent out by the system.
    - EASY TO USE Email template editor included!!
    - Add template


    - FULL banner management system INCLUDED!
    - Edit banners
    - Add banners
    - Delete banners
    - Disable banners


    - FULL transaction report on EVERY user

    As you can see this is a full featured auction site with a FULL featured and easy to use administration area. Now, there is no need to edit text files and upload files via ftp.

    The auction is also fully database enabled using MySQL. So, the performance of the site will always be fast, no matter how many users join the site, and no matter how many items they list!!

    ALSO, you can edit templates for the entire site (you can edit the TOP, LEFT, MIDDLE, RIGHT, and BOTTOM templatest that you see on almost every page on the site. You can use an HTML
    editor like MS FrontPage or DreamWeaver. NO MORE PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!!

    Please let me know if you are interested in this site.

    We also have the following sites for sale: (Our latest version of our Reverse Auction site) - $195 (Our low cost Auction site) - $35 (Our low cost Auction site - Different color scheme) - $35 (adult dating site with 600 real members) - $195 (Our Older version of Professional Auction Software) - $95

    Please let me know which site(s) you are interested in.

    NOTE: You can purchase the new auction site on eBay at: , OR you can purchase directly from us at a substantially reduced price.

    Just email us at: [email protected] if you wanted to purchase, or you have any further questions.

    Thank you.

    email: [email protected]


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    Isnt this advertising?...

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    They're spammers
    Tyler Cole
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    He really shouldn't have sent out the admin and password. Especially if it contains peoples addresses which I bet it does.
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    Tubugs is spreading lies about us

    We were not 'kicked off' your server tubugs or whatever your name is!? We left your LOUSY UNRELIABLE Server, to get our own dedicated server. This was our regular mailing list for our auction software at You were on the mailing list. It isn't spam. How can it be spam, when you were already connected with us? I think this whole thread should be nuked off of this board. tubugs (what kind of stupid name is that) won't even share 'it's' real name.

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    Oh, and thanks for spreading the word about our excellent auction software! I appreciate it.

    Whatever you do, do NOT host with 2 bugs. His ordering system does NOT work, and his unreliable reseller accounts are garbage. Look at the spelling of our site (powhopst) Sorry mr. grade school dropout, it's

    Thank you all for hearing both sides of this 'argument'.

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