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    simple js question, special submit forms

    i want to be able to call a submit form function to submit any form on the page
    i have it like this, but it doesnt work:

    function submitlogin(formname){

    and i pass everything right i know that. just document.formname.submit does not seem to want to work.

    thanks, im sure it is easy, i just was never any good at js. i am a php fan.
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    eval("document.forms['"+formname+"'].submit();"); Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    awesome!! works perfect thanks. now i will figure out how it works and it to my miniscule knowledge of js.

    thanks again!
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    you were passing a string where your function expects a form object.

    eval just evaluates the string as a variable name

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    oh, ok thanks, ic
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