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    i will leave dinix , give me recommendation for good vps

    i Member with dinix Since
    17 month .
    it was have very good Support
    but from 3 month became bad Support .

    so i will leave dinix and i need give me recommendation for good vps .

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    Flint, Michigan
    Top of my list for a VPS adventure is liquidweb, they are running a $10 off special as well right now in the VPS offers forum.


    Seeing how your english is not perfect (not making fun or anything) I assume you are not based in the US, were you looking for a US provider? or maybe a UK one?
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    I would reccomend servint, you probably wont find any massively special money off deals, however, thats because their product is so good they dont need to offer any they prefer to concentrate on a quality service and quality support.

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    Go with solidhost, they have great support and uptime, can't go wrong with them.

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