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    clamav antivirus

    i'm using email server qmail vpopmail qmailadmin qmailscanner spamassassin and clamav

    the mail server working fine until W32.Mytob spread over internet.

    it seems my qmailscanner and clamav can;t filter / can detect the said virus and everyday i have lot of the virus in mailbox

    qmailscanner and clamav i'm using is the latest version.

    is there any solution the filter the W32.Mytob ?

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    Hi Friend,
    Check the link...[email protected]
    Do u know they infects Windows and creats double ....but no other way..

    Do one thing I had same problem....That Virus has some Specific subject lines in Virus mails such as:
    # our Email Account is Suspended For Security Reasons
    # Account Alert
    # Important Notification
    # *WARNING* Your Email Account Will Be Closed

    etc etc...
    And as u mentioned you have qmailscanner...block the Subjects and particular attachment type...

    Thinking Different !!

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