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    For Sale: & & website : receives 2k/daily


    This sale is for the domains "" and "", and all current website content.

    These domains receive 1500-2000 unique visitors per day. The majority of traffic comes from google searches related to the software reviews contained within the current web site. The site also receives misdirected traffic from poorly written cgi scripts.

    You can view the daily stats of the website here:

    The site has a "87,070" Alexa rating, and a Google PR score of "6".

    The software running the current website is "links" from I do not believe the software is running correctly, as we have not actively worked on this site for a few years. However, it could easily be fixed if you have the ability.

    In the past, the website had generated approixmately $500 of revenue per month from Google Adwords. It currently generates about $200/mo through Google Adwords. However, about 80% of the advertising is not displayed correctly within the website. This is a dead project to us, and we have no plans on fixing it.

    Why are " and" high profile domain names?

    The term "cgi-bin" is the name of the directory in which most software is executed from on the Internet. This is a high profile domain, and would be a great purchase for any domain investor, software developer, Internet service provider looking to start a business.

    I have sold several domains in the past, and will transfer the domain within 24 hours of receiving payment. If you wish to use an escrow service, this is fine, however you must pay the escrow fees.

    I currently have the domains listed within Ebay auction located here:

    Please feel free to contact me with questions.



    [email protected]
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    Thanks Rob, I fixed the url in the original post too.


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    lets start with 100$

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    Re: hi

    Originally posted by neonima
    lets start with 100$
    The Starting bid on eBay is $25,000.
    I don't think wyatt12 will let you have it for a 100.

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    wow @ $25,000

    sorry I didnt know

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    I have relisted this domain on Ebay. I have had a few offers between the 20-25k range, but none have come through with any money as of yet.

    First come first serve. :-)



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    I have had 2 guys not come through with $$$ after they won bids. I now have the domain feature listed on afternic... Good luck.



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