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    Looking for AD Space


    I am currently look for adspace to advertise my free webhost or web counter service. I would like it to be a 468x60 adslot.

    If possible be the only ad, or with a very small amount in rotation.

    PM me with your offer and stats.


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    Would you be interested to advertise the web counter service on a free web host? 1051 forum members with 14956 posts, PR2 and 2500 unique visitors last month.
    Currently there are 6 top banners in rotation, i can drop them down to 5 for you (another banner will expire very soon) top banners are sold for $10 per month

    The forum got more than 400,000 hit last month.

    You can view the full stats in my recent post here


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    Still looking for offers, but have a few in mind already.


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    If you are looking to make your advertising experience worth it and if you prefer quality targeted audience to advertise to, please consider

    We have few campaigns in rotation at all times and a package of 10,000 impressions can last you for over a month in some instances!

    Its automatic, fast and real-time:

    Hosting Discussion - web hosting community.

    Is your company represented?

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