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    Disabling options in Flash

    How is it that on some websites all of the options when you right click the swf are gone? Id like that. Is that from the HTML side or Flash side, and either way, how can I make most of the options dissappear?

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    If you are publishing a flash movie as a projector, add this code into the first line:

    fscommand("showmenu", "false");

    if you are going to embed it in html however, you can do itmerely by clicking file>publish settings>html tab and uncheck "display menue" then proceed to publish.

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    you can try the following lines in flash mx 2004 to show your own menu

    function showCopyRight()
    //here comes link for your copyright page
    trace("copy right");
    function showCompanyDetails()
    getURL("", "_blank");
    menu1 = new ContextMenu();
    newMENUItem1 = new ContextMenuItem("This movie is copyrighted by Your Company Name", showCopyRight);
    newMENUItem2 = new ContextMenuItem("Company Details", showCompanyDetails);
    menu1.customItems.push(newMENUItem2); = menu1;

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