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    * P4 3.2 GHZ_____$109/m NO SETUP!_____200 GB HD 1 GB RAM

    P4 3.2E GHZ Hyperthreading Enabled
    1 MB L2 Cache!
    1 GB Ram(PC3200 Premium)
    200 GB SATA Hard Drive(1.5 times as fast as IDE)
    24 Hours of KVM over IP per month Included (Usually Extra)

    Signup Right NOW!

    Any Operation System You would Like (We usually recommend Fedora or CentOS)
    Fast Activation

    Signup Right NOW!

    Multiple OC48 Connections or beter
    1000 GB Multihomed Bandwidth
    8 I.P.

    Control Panel Information:
    cPanel: $20 per month (just on this server)
    DirectAdmin: $99 one time (just on this server)
    Webmin Free (on all servers)

    Fast Setup Times!

    If you have any questions please e-mail us at sales [at] zanadoo dot com

    All of our servers are located in San Diego, CA and are connected to 10mbps or 100mbps ports on a backbone of the following providers: Level(3), MCI, Verio, Qwest and XO and more with at least oc-48 connections or better.

    IRC Is allowed however you will be responsible for all related bandwidth costs.

    Zanadoo provides the highest quality server hardware and network at a competitive price. If you need a reliable dedicated server on a fast network Zanadoo is the place to go.

    NOTE: This will probably be the last of this offer that we will be posting for a long time.
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    how much for that server with a 20MB or 30MBs unmetered port.

    Silcon Fen Business Report

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    I must say, servers with zanadoo are stable and problem free I am their customer for past 1+ month and never had any problem, and support was very good!

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    What is the price for the secondary disk?

    Is remote reboot inclued?

    If the server goes down or has hardware failure at night, can I get support to help me?

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    How much for more hard drive space? Do these servers support 4 hard drives? How much (monthly) for each large (200+) hard drive added?

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    scambezi - we currently do not offer 20 Mb or 30 Mb unmetered ports.

    HenryJ - Thank you very much for your comment. It is really appreciated.

    CYB - The price for a secondary disk depends on the disk you get. For a secondary 200 GB it is $150 once off. We are setting up a phone system for emergencies to page a high level support admin 24/7/365 for emergencies so if you have a problem you can get it solved quickly. This will be ready as soon as the phone company gets the extra lines setup. Currently all of our remote reboot ports are full.

    NickHumphrey - Each extra 200 GB hard drive is $150 once off. These servers support 2 hard drives, however it is possible to get 2 300 GB or 400 GB hard drives.
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    Would you please post an IP address we can ping/traceroute to?

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    When you say "Any OS" does that include Windows or just *nix?

    And what DC are you located in?


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    Originally posted by zinet
    For a secondary 200 GB it is $150 once off.
    How much for 80G and 120G?

    Currently all of our remote reboot ports are full.
    Does this mean that I have to contact you if I need a reboot?

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    cynix - you can ping or
    X-Gaming - We are located in ADNC in San Diego, CA
    CYB- 80 GB would be $85 once off and 120 GB would be $115 once off. You can also get a 160 GB hard drive for $125 once off. You would need to call us if you want is to reboot your server.

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    Is is fully managed?

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    This is not fully managed. Our servers come as "unmanaged", however if you need help in an emergency or if you have a quick question we are happy to help you. Usually our tech support team is able to provide as much as providers who offer managed services, however we will not spend hours every day debugging custom scripts so we do not advertise as managed,

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    Is it possible to get more IP's with justification and what if any is the cost?

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    How much would it add for 3000G bandwidth a month?

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    iConch - It is $1 per IP up to 50 then it gets cheaper. We do not limit the amount of I.P. addresses you can have per server.

    cyang6568 - Please contact sales aqnd we will discuss your traffic requirements. We generally do not offer more than 1000 GB per server, however we will be happy to work something out with you.

    One thing that has come up alot is the question of port speed. Usually we start people with a 10mbps port, however there is no charge to upgrade to a 100mbps port. The reason we start with 10mbps is to limit possible bandwidth overage.

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