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Thread: {Review} ezsm

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    {Review} ezsm

    Just feel that I need to write a short review for ezsm.

    Signed up: May 12, 2005.
    Tickets: 25
    Response time: most of them within 10 minutes or less.
    Response effectiveness: clear and effective with job done

    We have quite a lot tickets submitted mainly because we are setting up our ecommerce system and wanted to make sure everything is OK. EZSM TEAM has done a great job in managing the server. I never expected that I could get such a great professional team helping us.

    We have faith and trust in them. They have a great team of people and a very good system. I strongly recommend their service to anybody who is looking for a server admin.

    By the way, we switched from cheetaweb.

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    We've used them for some time and they've been great too. I wouldn't 100% rely on them though - they have been great when setting up servers, but sometimes I think they forget that you're paying them for management of the server when something goes wrong and you ask them to do something. Generally though well worth the money

    I spoke to Cheetaweb myself and I found them to be very helpful at pre-sales, but I never used them because EZSM were more responsive and had a "can do" attitude

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    I've been happy with EZSM service for the last few years and they do have a solid team of experienced admins there. They're also VERY GOOD in Plesk, you won't find any better Plesk admin service elsewhere. Ticket is always answered very promptly (within minutes).

    However sometimes they're not willing to go beyond their standard procedures or setup, like installing 2.6 kernel on RHEL 3 box or supporting CentOS on Plesk (before Plesk supports it).

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