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    VPS suggestion need

    Right now, I have 3 reseller accounts
    totally 20G quo/ 300G BW/Mo and my cost is bellow 50$
    so far everything seems good,
    but I have been complained from hosting companies that
    my clients are using too much resorces.
    and sometimes, I need to change the IP for them,
    I don't want to bother my provider time and time again.
    So I decided to go Dedicated plan.
    But my buget won't afford a server strong enough for all those forum sites.

    30+ clients
    15 of them are forums
    5 of them have the alexa rank within top 100,000

    And my friends suggest go VPS for part of my clients
    and the rest remain shared host

    what is your opion?
    Thanks in advance
    I Love WHT

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    With that load, I might look into a ded. It will cost you a little more but you'll get more and not have to worry about complaints (from the hosting company) or bandwidth limits.

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    You can have a ded server for about 70$ monthly and I think it would fit you.
    try or
    They provide good servers with less money.

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    For a VPS with that budget and those specs - you'll most likely not find what you're looking for.

    I'd recommend raising the budget or start looking into a lower level dedicated.

    You may notice a large speed decrease though if you get on low-speed hardware to save a few bucks.
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    I recommand you go here and give a vps a try its a free trail and it be worth to see if a vps will work for you.

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    Thanks for all above replies

    I am going to have a try with iWeb.
    Good luck to me and to you all
    I Love WHT

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