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    buy text links works?

    i'm looking this alternative method to promote my website, but i found that it's a few expensive, this really work? any ideas will be welcome. honest european provider

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    If you go the low-cost advertising route you have to be very patient. It will take a long time to gain customers without spending money on advertising.

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    what do you mean by "buy text links"?

    do you mean buying links on related sites for sales,

    or buying bulk links to improve search ranking?

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    the second honest european provider

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    they work for sure, but you would have to spend quite a bit of cash with no return in the sort term and if you get a doggy company to do you links, they might do more damage then good.

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    that's what i don't like to this systems, the possible "damage", in google where they explain the optimization, they tell some advices to avoid possible problems ...

    wow !! so difficult to have success online !! (where, offline it's harder) honest european provider

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    I think targeting local business is the best way.

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    Buying text links is an integrated marketing practice but such links should never be bought on the basis of Page Rank score - it's simply not a useful metric for such instant decision. Perhaps it may be costly mistake.
    Secondly your site should have the good contents and you have gone through out with good analysis work.
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