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    [For Sale] Fresh Tech Design

    Hi WHT,

    I've got this brand new template that I'd love to get sold, and you'd love to buy (hopefully). Here's the link to the preview:

    I'm open to offers on this, so please PM me, reply in this thread, or contact me via any of the methods listed in my profile.

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    very clean design, it is perfect for anything..soon you'll get a buyer!!!

    good luck Shaqdoes notsucks
    el Dutty-Dutty

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    Thanks a lot elfalso, I hope you're right!

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    yeah, i like this template too

    i don't mean to be picky but i find the white text on the yellow buttons hard to read (but i am getting old and i'm sure it's easy to change)

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    Very clean..
    very nice
    i relly loved it..
    good luck!

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    Do you have a BIN in mind?

    Also, whats included? PSD, coded, etc?
    Rob G.
    ShopManager - Sales & Repair Business Management Software

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    Hi, thanks for the comments. You can buy it now for $150, and the PSD is included. I can code it into xhtml/css for $50, though.

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