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    Looking for web host

    My group is looking a web hosting service that would include chat, a blog and a calendar. The actual amount of space isn't all that critical. If we can post those plus an extensive home page and a couple of downloadable PDF's and a few largely-text pages, that's pretty much all we need.
    I estimated that we'd probably end up spending about $5 - $7 per month, but we can go a bit higher if need be.
    Suggestions, recommendations?

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    Are you looking for Windows or Linux?

    Amount of transfer? DiskSpace?

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    To start with you can look at:

    Also, search around and you will find out number of good hosts, visit their site and send them your pre-sales questions listing out your requirements.

    Wish you all the best!

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    You might want to find hosts that have Fantastico. You could install a blog and a calendar with Fantastico.

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    You can easily find good webhosting with that budget in mind. Just look for a host that you can upgrade at any time when you need higher requirements. A host with fantastico will make it easier to install your blog, calendar with just a few clicks.
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    I think you can fullfill your needs with a simple *nix hosting account with Fantastico, looking at your budget it wont be hard for you to find a reliable host.
    Do a Search around this board and you will find it quickly.

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    Most host you can find here will meet you requirements. Price $5 to $7 will be enough I think so you can go to advertising section and to check the hosting offers.

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    Just a note (being a DirectAdmin fan) installatron will aslo do what you are looking for. Installtorn is just like fantastico, except it works with DirectAdmin control panel as well.
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    Smile Many thanks!

    Many thanks to all. Much appreciated.
    In answer to PTNHosting: Windows as I might be able to swing Linux, but I've got a buddy working with me who took a course in Frontpage.
    Transfer and diskspace, I'm not seeing a whole lot needed. Like I said, I expect the site to hold a blog, a calendar, a set of HTML files and a set of PDF files. I saw a plan that offers 25 MB. We'll need more, but it will take us a while to use that much.
    I've gone to the sites y'all provided links for. Lot of them look good!

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