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    Free Hosting Company Sale

    Free Hosting Company for sale.

    Hi All,
    Due to personal finance problems I am now looking to sell my free hosting company as I cannot afford to keep the server going for much longer.
    Here are some details about company:

    The website is
    There are in total 3 domains (1 may not come with sale) (liquidfire is business name so domain may not be included, main traffic is on other domains, this was just for search engine's)

    Sites usually gets 500,000+ page views per month,
    last month was around 150,000 due to problems with the panel that they lack to support these days (problems are ongoing Xpanel).
    Stats can be provided, please PM or send an email to [email protected] with subject as (Free Hosting Stats Please) and your message.

    A new design would need to be applied so company logo is no longer on the site,

    There are over 12000+ sites hosted on the server,
    Site is hosted on a dedicated server,

    The specs for the server are:
    Dual 2.4GHz Intel Xeon
    2GB RAM
    Two 200GB HDDs configured for RAID 1 (200GB of usable storage)
    100Mbit switched network connection
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 3
    1500GB bandwidth per month
    29 IPs

    Once sale is confirmed, you will have access to the server to either transfer to your server or to update/manage it.
    I use a server tech that manages the server for me I can put you in touch if needed (if you choose to keep the server hosted as is they only do managed servers).
    Site has income from Adbrite (have sold ad spaces before), Paypopup + I run my own popups on there (ads can be placed in headers and footers, php sites with sessions/cookies have issues outputting ads, can explain to parties interested in more detail),
    so has a lot of potential for alot of earnings when the system is updated and ads are on all sites
    I can provide current earnings for the server per request, please PM or send an email to [email protected] with subject as (Free Hosting Income Please) and your message.

    I will also include the webtools which is at
    Site has a few paying customers, can provide breakdown on request,
    Site is established and has been running since Aug 03.

    Site is a pr2, plenty of links in search engines,
    Alexa Ranking: 58,170 (High ranking) 1,764,512 5,548,691

    As you can see the main url with traffic is

    There are plenty of signups per month usually around 500-700 per month, has been over 1000+, uses xpanel to manage accounts, auto install.

    I am currently taking offers as I am not sure how to value a free hosting company, I was planning on getting an unmetered server and adding on a file storage/upload/host. But simply dont have the funds to keep it going due to personal problems.

    If a good offer is made, I will keep the link(s) on different sites pointing to the service.

    Only serious offers please, I have had people say "I will take it off your hands for free", "I will offer you $50 thats all its worth".
    If a fair price is not met, I will close the server and reopen at a later date.
    I reserve the right not to sell if offer is to low.


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    A bid of $1200 has been received via email

    Thank you,


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    Where is server located?
    How much do you pay for it a month?
    Can you send me PM with proff of the earnings?

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Servers are located in the US (The Planet)
    Please send an email to the following for earnings/stats.

    Server is currently
    $360 + $60 management fee/month

    Thanks for your interest,


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    How much profit are you making total per month, and can you also provide the specifics of the profit (eg. what amount comes from ads, paying customers).

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    Company has been sold,
    thanks for your time,

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    To me?


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    Hi Camp2Win
    Company has been sold to email bidder due to no other bids.
    Sorry for the confusion.


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