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    Dogtech [dot] net

    Over the past 6 months my company has been using Dogtech [dot] net. At first i was skeptical to order from a provider that hadnt been reviewed on this website, but I have to say, they are the best host I have ever used. They bend over backwards to make there customers happy.

    I first orderd one of there smaller plans, and finally moved up to reseller.

    I strongly urge anybody wanting highquality cheap webhosting to use their service.

    pacificx [dot] net

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    Bend over backwards eh?

    I haven't read any reviews or seen any either so I am assuming they're new and doing something right. I'm glad you're enjoying their services. Please continue reporting back if you encounter anything; the more reviews, the merrier.

    I really love their site colors and design, and they seem to be an all-around company with all sorts of designing (which are very good I might add).

    BTW, nice site you have there yourself.. I'm surprised you can't find a way to host yourself..
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    thanks for the compliment on my site, but i dont host websites and game servers on the same box, and i have never had a reason to stop having dogtech host me. there service cost only a fraction of what it is its easier for me to just use them.

    i think dogtech has been aro und for a while so im suprised not to see any reviews on them.

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    I'm currently a customer with Doggone Technology, and I plan to switch out right when my term ends next month. They were my first host, so now I've learned my lesson.

    Their downtime is outrageous. I think they've only notified me thrice, and most of those messages had only approximate times of when the server would be down (ex. three hours over the weekend or something similar). Compare that to the multiple times my site is down every month, without notice. Even when it promised fewer problems with the new server, I couldn't really tell the difference. Once it went down for a whole 3 days, and when I asked about it, I got no reply at all. I asked them again, and still, no reply. I think their support email keeps changing, because I've seen them reply from multiple addresses for similar issues—primarily a Yahoo! email. Actually, as far as I know, this company is run by one person.

    Right now the email program is extremely slow. It takes about 10-20 min. to reach the cPanel page where you pick which email service to use. Then another 15 min. to the login page. Then yet another 20 min. for the main mail page to show up. It takes an exasperatingly long time to reply to anybody, and this is on a rather zippy cable connection, where other pages normally take 1-2 sec. to load.

    Perhaps if you don't care about the downtime and rather lousy support, you'd like DT. It's only $20 a year for the most basic plan. They include lots of features, including free Invision Board (really outdated, though, version 1.2). But I haven't found their services worth it, so I'm going to switch. I used to boast about them, too, but now I know better...

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    dogtech is TERRBILE. At first they seemed good, but after a while i found out abou t their down time. They are down on a regular basis. I would say they have a minimum of atleast 10 hours of downtime a month. My site has been down for days at a time multiple times during the month.

    All I can say is that investing $1/month into hosting or whatever it costs, is a waste of your money. buy a double double at mc donalds instead.

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    About Current Downtime

    Hello. My name is RJ Moore. I am the owner of Doggone Technology. We have been in business for over 3 years and this is the first time we have had major downtime issues like this. We were trying to work out these issues with our current datacenter but they were not providing the best of services. Therefore we have switched datacenters. Everything is back up and running like it should be. We had sent emails alerting people about these issues. As far as support tickets were concerned due to the downtime at the current datacenters we did not receive all of these tickets. If you are still having issues please contact us and let us know.

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    seem load sloowww

    Unmetered Bandwidth
    they are oversell
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    I acutally submited 3 support tickets and left a message on the voicemail (which i got from host search and might not be legitimate) and i have not hear back from them. i sent them a message prio to my first post. the voice mail was left during the down time as well as two fo the tickets. after the "downtime" was fixed i sent another ticket. none of these have been replied to.

    ???????? not cool

    i would STRONGLY recommend using another host. as this may be the first huge downtime, they have regular (atleast bi monthly) downtime.

    for a while there i would say my site was down probalby 30% of the time.

    also, last i checked dogtech was using layered tech. from my personal experience with them and from what i have read they have good 24/7 support. if any downtime existed it was most likely because of the dogtech admin.
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