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    Level3 Gateway vs. Synergy Sites

    Could anyone please explain the differences between Level3 Gateway Colocation and Level3 Synergy Colocation centers? Would I be able to get a Level3 FastE or GigE connection at a Synergy site, and have a fiber loop to another local building? Also, does anybody know if the Synergy sites have backup power?


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    As far as power I this is the set up in "most" synergy sites

    They have a DC UPS system but not an AC UPS system. If the site does loose power the DC equipment will not experience any outage, but the AC equipment will see an outage of a few minutes while the generator kicks in. (The generator feeds both the AC and DC power after any power grid loss)

    P.S. One exception of a synergy site having ethernet service is the Raleigh location..I am sure there are some others.

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    We used to have colo in the Richmond, VA synergy site. What Marcus said about the generator is absoutely true and the only bandwidth that can reasonably be purchased there is their own.

    The benefit was that we were basically the only customer in the building, so it was never busy

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    Level3's Synergy sites typically have 1-2 generators for AC power backup with a ATS in the middle. For AC, the ATS will switch from Grid to Generator, but you'll need a small UPS to cover the time for the generator(s) to cycle (typically 10-15 secs.). This is probably the easiest and cheapest way to protect your equipment. Using a inverter is an option, but they are more expensive and less efficient at converting protected DC to protected AC.

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