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    Hmm...that would be difficult to cater to, considering that even in Dallas, where cheap dedicated servers are abundant, a Dual Xeon with 2GB of DDR RAM AND Windows for around $200-$210 is not easy to find. Chicago is more pricey. You might want to up your budget.

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    Steadfastnetworks has Dual Xeon 2.66. If you need 2GB RAM and Windows, price is around $250. Yes, you should raise your budget

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    $249.95/month from Steadfastnetworks for Dual Xeon 2.66, 2GB RAM and Windows 2003 Web Edition. Looks like you're doing game server so I think to comply with Microsoft, you need Windows 2003 Standard which would equate to $259.95/month.

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    What game servers are you hosting that cannot be done with linux? Most that I have seen have Linux servers that tend to run easier than the windows counterparts and administrating them is rather easy once you get the hang of it (and will save you a fortune, because you do indeed need Windows 2003 Standard)
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