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    We Are Recruiting Top Freelance Layout Designers

    Hello Everyone,

    Interactive Concepts, LLC is currently recruiting several top freelance Layout Designers.

    Our company wants the best of the best.

    What do we consider the best?

    Individuals that are passionate about design and will not settle for less. We are not looking for people that have self proclaimed themselves designers. We want the ones that are great at what they do and continue to exceed expectations with designs that they are faced with.

    Do you need to be a good programmer?

    Programming knowledge is definitely a plus but at this time we want designers. People with keen eyes and are willing to give every design challenge 110%. We will leave the programming up to our programmers!

    What does it take to work with us?

    To work with our company, you must be dependable and do whatever it takes to meet project deadlines. Since we take pride in providing excellent service to our clients, we expect excellent service from our freelancers.

    If you feel you can provide excellent service as a freelancer in a competitive market and are flexible when it comes to project budgets then please provide us with more information about you! Send your resume (if you have one), portfolio links (must have) of previous projects and a statement of why you would like to freelance for us to: [email protected]

    *Note: We are not looking for freelancing firms so do not waste your time responding to this. We want hard working freelancers that are willing to get the job done!

    Thanks for taking the time out to read this!
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