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    How to do this with PHPBB?

    These are examples of what I want [scroll to the bottom for both] - they are not using PHPBB, but you get the idea:

    teenspot .com/reviews/view.html?id=63
    sitepoint .com/article/review-siteworks-professional-5

    For my site, I decided that I want to do this, because people always want to leave comments. Using one of those small commenter scripts would be too much of a hassle, since you have to keep manually deleting replies you don't want & non-members can make comments. Plus, I already use PHPBB, so it makes sense.

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    Sorry it took so long but take a look at this site:

    They have a couple of different mods that you could use to change the links to the way you want.

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    Please keep the "I hate PHPBB, lyke omg" posts out of here. If you hate them that much, make a rant post & bawl in there.

    I should've mentioned that I already looked at PHPBB Hacks before & they didn't have it.

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    Take a look at the PHPBB Mod Section on their website.

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    I looked at PHPBB's Mod section as well. No luck.

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    What's wrong with the hacks I posted?

    They're the only phpBB SEO ones.

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    They are for search functions. We don't want this section to be listed in Google.

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    Bumping this, because I still need it.

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    If you can't find what you need you can always get someone from phpbbhacks to make a custom script for you for a decent price.

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    I was told that there is a mod like this going around that is free, but I've yet to find it.

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