Language: PHP, MySQL
Purpose: So People can use there IPB Login information, and login then add tutorials and rate them. Category support would be nice.
Urgency: High

Reason its needed:-
Well the true reason i need this is because im creating an expanse library of tuturials related to coding. These will of course be premium but available to everybody. I will have written some.

It has to be opensource and under the GPL/GNU, basically has to be free. I cannot find one but i'm sure people here at Devshed can. I am starting a website called LearnPHP, which will have an edge over other sites because we will offer people who want to learn PHP, the resources required. Tutorials, Info on forums and more. We will also soon get a TLD, and offer downloads of useful things.

Everything will be free of charge because not everyone can afford to goto university or buy the big books which cost alot. I know because i bought them.

Thanks to anyone who gets it for me