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    New 64bit systen, nothing will install

    I have downloaded DirectX9, nforce drivers (takes 30 mins to load the CD drivers and still does'nt respond) I just set it up, I somehow got my ehternet cable installed but nothing will install it will show up in the process but just does'nt run AT ALL. I can't even run windows update because it trys to install the software for it bu then IE just does'nt respond anyone know what's up?

    I just got it last night it's setup I installed windows XP, 3000+ winchister, Gigabyte mobo, xp-90 HSF, 1GB Corsair memory, 60GB HD, I got the video and wireless card drivers installed but that's it.

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    Are you running Windows XP-64 or just the regular XP?
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    regular xp

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    If you are running regular XP, make sure you are using only 32-bit drivers. Any 64 bit drivers will cause errors.
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