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    Understanding Urchin Results For Seo.

    I'm having difficulty understanding how Urchin is coming up with some of its reports.

    First, off I donít understand what Urchin will not show "visitors" without the UTM. I am in the process of migrating data from Webtrends to Urchin. The site did not have the UTM installed for the period that I am building reports for. In the Webtrends reports, I have a "visitors" option despite the type of report I was generating. However with Urchin even when I select "on" for the "Process Visitors & Sessions" option, I do not get the "Visitors & Sessions" link that I get with the UTM reports.

    Second, I donít understand the reports and am getting results that I did not expect. The attached image shows one week of reports from the same log source for the same period of time.

    Letís say for example, that my co-worker and I visited a site. We would show up in their logs as the same IP, the same browser and the operating system. I would expect the logs for the site to be reported as an individual. However, with the UTM and Urchin, one would expect to see both my coworker and I reported as two individual visits.

    However, if you look at the attached image, you see that Urchin is reporting twice as much traffic in the non UTM version as the UTM version.

    Iíve included my logging properties. As you can see, Iím logging all the required fields and them some.

    Perhaps, I am not reading this properly.

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    In version 5 the 'Visitors & Sessions' report group is only available for UTM enabled sites.

    If you and a coworker were to visit a UTM enabled site, then the statistics should show 2 distinct visits.

    The drop in statistics between a non-UTM enabled site and a UTM enabled site is normal. The UTM is a much more accurate way of tracking users then the IP + User Agent method. The UTM negates most proxies, browser caching, and unscrupulous robots that can bloat stats. It is recommended that you use the UTM whenever possible.

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    Do you know of any other Urchin resources. Urchin support is very slow to respond with support instances.

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    Also, make sure to check, they have recently updated their help section.

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