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    Huge Ecommerce Companies...?

    Hey all,

    I've been tasked with opening up an investigation into the big boys of e-commerce. I need to look into something that would more than likely fall into the ERP side of things. You know, robust e-com with customizable shopping cart, something that can gain access to real time inventory statistics from our POS system, online order tracking and customer history.

    Pretty much something that the big boys like newegg seem to use.

    So which companies should I look into for something this extravagant? I know we are talking huge bongos of cash, but I think we need to aim big then work our way down.

    Thanks for any replies in advance. I've tried searching but that was just about pointless. Too many advertisements.

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    That's really tricky. There are lots of consulting companies, including my own, that does these things as part of other bigger customer projects. I don't think you'll find too many companies necessarily advertising these kinds of services, as something they do specifically. Best place to start is looking for Oracle and IBM Websphere development companies, and you're in the right ballpark for the developers of the world.

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    CommercialWare, Ecometry, and Devix are example of companies that put these systems together. I'd start there

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    well if you want to mod ecommerce(which i think is what your asking) then get oscommerse, its a free version of e-commerce and there are more mods for it and you wont have to worry about loosing alot of money, also i have heard that alot of majour companies use oscommerce instead of ecommerce due to the fact its free and exactally the same if not better

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