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    Looking to upgrade from Yahoo Store

    I've been using a Yahoo Store for a couple years now, and it has actually worked out very well, but I'm looking to switch to something that allows a little more UI customization, and will allow better branding (i.e. name of hosting service will never appear, like in checkout). I'm looking for these features:

    1: supports paymentech
    2: flexible UI, but with web interface so non tech person can manage
    3: will support my store.domain throughout browsing and checkout process
    4: less than $100 a month
    5: phone support
    6: host will take care of patching, back-up, etc..


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    but i still recommand you to stay with yahoo store as nothing beats it in the E com, you can have a number of like them which will nothing cause you problems alone.

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    Hello MrShoop,

    This is a VERY common request. Yahoo stores, although possessing some advantages, really do lack in several areas - branding is one of them - and the percentage of sales you need to give up, are really no longer justified, as established eCommerce stores dont really see the benefit - especially as cost pressures increase and profit margins decrease..

    One of the best solutions available is ShopSite. Allows for complete branding, integrates with several gateways (paymentech being one of them - Im assuming you are Canadian ), is VERY search engine friendly and probably has one of the easiest to use web interfaces...

    Depending on the number of products you are selling and which features you need, you can generally get the solution for $50-$100 CAD.

    Hope this helps...

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