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Thread: hostnetway?

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    what is going on with hostnetway?

    Their site is down for some days now and no reply from their support.

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    Are your sites down aswell? You should make any backups just in case there is any issues.

    I cant seem to reach their website either.

    Good luck

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    yes my sites are down for 4-5 days now.
    their site is down for some days.
    their helpdesk page is down.
    no reply to emails.

    I'm a 2-weeks customer and already thinking for refunding.

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    I believe that there are a few other open threads about an active DoS attack on their server(s) which is why you can't to their site.

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    Ummm...nice try but self-promotion is a no no...

    Anyway, Kenneth has been having a few problems with DDos. It is a great misfortune. He is a great guy and runs a pretty good ship, but downtimes like that can harm anyone. I would suggest you do make backups of your stuff and if things don't get better, you might need to look around for a new host.
    Lee W.

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