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    Need help with hosting

    Ok, so for the longest time, my friends and I have been hosting our site on my friends domain, rorokids,com (rorokids,com/pwncaeks). We just registered on One problem.. if we were to pull the site using web forwarding pwncaeks,com -> rorokids,com/pwncaeks, the pwncaeks,com would never change when you click on a link inside the site.... anyone know how i can fix this, would buying a domain and a host from the same site fix it?

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    Right, if i get you right.
    Why dont you setup nameservers, then setup a addon domain (if your using Cpanel and got it as a option) to go to rorokids,com/pwncaeks

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    I figured it out, ip need to call register,com with an ip adress my host gives me and they set it up for me, sorry if that was confusing, im new to the, new question, good webhost? anyone know of any?

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    Try looking in shared offers and people's sigs

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