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    can anyone help out?

    me nd my brother are already in the edge of disconnecting from our current ded host as we are mad of the "BS" dat we are going from and looking for another provider. basically these specs

    dualxeon 2.8+
    3gb ddr (ddr2 if possible)
    1.2tb sata
    25mbit unmetered (possible in the usa / east coast)
    3 ips
    centos/freebsd doesnt matter

    i already sumbitted* in the quote of wht but if anyone got any reccomandations or have had experience with another provider it will be good too , as i need this ASAP. and my budget is all over the place i can kill myself and get money or not so i wont post it.

    i am looking for some service that is up, their hardware is good, their servers dont crash on me or anything , support im not really looking for just SERVICE.

    also if anyone knows any management services it will be helpful to post as i already got some.

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    What is your budget for that kind of machine?
    Synergy Blue LLC |
    USA should so something about:

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