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    Domain name development!?

    Ok so I've made a website, and I've registered all possible domain names, com/net/org/info/biz and what not else. That goes for both xxxxxx*********** & xxxxxx-***********. It's a 16 letter domain without the hyphen, and 17 with.

    Now here is my question, would you go for the 16 letter domain containing 2 wellknown words, or would you go for a short combo of the two words, for example the first 3 letters of both words so it ends up being a 6 letter domain - ***********

    It would be easier to remember, because it's only 6 letters, but it wouldn't be complete words. The domain name however would make sense, and it's still easy to pronounce.

    Any feedback is appreciated since I've been working on this project for months already, and I'm finally ready to run HEAVY promotion on the domain name.

    Thanks in advance
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    depends on the words really, sometimes its more memorable to use the combo than using the acronym
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    I prefer the combo since its short and I dont think people would get confuse cause of that.

    Example : ( We know its Network Solutions )
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    Welll everyone knows what NetSol means..... if you are in the business). Ask someone outside of the Internet business and they would have no idea what NetSol stands for.

    For instance:
    Very few people know that it stands for "I have no idea what this".

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    I like the idea of using the regular full name so that people know what the site is about (assuming the domain name says what it is about). Then once people come to your site, tell them about about a shortcut version (like the version) to use in the future (a simple redirect).

    However, it might hurt your Google ranking if people are out there giving you some links with one version of the domain name on some sites and then a shortcut version on another.
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