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    Getting Full Web Logs

    I'm having trouble getting full weblogs from one of my web hosts (iPowerweb) and would welcome a little lateral thinking to help me find a way around the problem...

    I run one of my sites on a shared server...I'm reluctant to switch hosts if at all possible, because I don't want the hassle of moving a very large site...and apart from this, iPowerweb has been very reliable over the years.

    The server is located is California, and runs on PST. For some reason, the web logs are updated daily between 7-10pm PST, at which time, all the data/activity from that day is purged from the log and replaced by newer activity.

    This seems a strange time to update - it means that even California-based businesses are at a disadvantage if they're not on had to download logs data that accumulates after the close of business at 5-6pm, but there we are; it's how iPowerweb in their wisdom have chosen to run their server.

    I'm even more at a disadvantage, since I'm based in the UK and working 8 hours ahead of PST.

    I normally download my logs to a log analyzer on my PC.

    Even if I make a log download before retiring for bed at UK time, that's still only 2.00pm PST. The earliest I can be up to download again is 6.00 am UK time (10pm PST), which means that I've invariably lost at least 5 hours worth of logs, usually more. What's more, these are logs of evening activity, the busiest time.

    I'm trying to figure out if there's a way in which I can download / have my logs downloaded into a folder on my site and automatically have their file name changed so that they don't get overwritten when the update takes place.

    I'm wondering if there's any means of achieving this; if so, how, or what other solutions (if any) exist to help me get my logs...intact each day


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    Are you able to run cron? Perhaps you can use it to copy your log files to a different directory so that you can download them after you get up.

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    While they don't let you handle cron yourself, I can get them to set up a cron job for me . Thanks - that might just work!

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    In vDeck, go to Settings -> Cronjobs, enter you email address and you will get mailed your access logs daily in a .tar.gz file.

    Alternatively, go to Reports -> Logs -> Access. From here, you can download (at least) the last 7 days of access logs in individual .tar.gz files.

    As to logs updating between 7 and 10pm. That sounds wrong. The cron job that processes the logs should be running at midnight PST. If you email me your domain name I'll take a look at the host to make sure it's getting updated at the correct time. (clive@,,,)

    cLive ;-)

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    Hi Clive,

    Thanks for your input. I'm a long-time customer of iPowerweb, with a domain located on a CPanel-controlled server left over from its pre-v-Deck days.

    After more dialog between myself and the folks at iPowerweb, it appears that they update the logs on this server several times each day, at non-specific times. Strange, I know, but that's what they've told me.

    I'm currently trying to get them to arrange a cron to my e-mail (as I said, the early version of cPanel they're running my site on doesn't allow me to do it myself.

    You were kind enough to offer to check my domain, but since you run v-Deck, I guess that's not going to be possible.

    Thanks very much anyway - it's appreciated.


    Erika Lawal.

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