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    Migrating Database to GoDaddy

    Any GoDaddy customers here?

    I just purchased a Windows hosting plan from GoDaddy. I'm trying to migrate my MS SQL database but I was told that I cannot connect through Enterprise Manager. GoDaddy said I can only use their online database manager.

    I have 100 tables and it would a real pain to recreate them one-by-one again and I have to upload the data manually for all the tables.

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    I have read other posts about this, and it sounds like you're sol.

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    godaddy seems like it is only good for domain registration....

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    You could create SQL code for the current database, then use this code to dump all of the tables and data. But ensure it does not create the DUMP TABLE code.

    You would have to create a new table with same password first though, a minor modification may have to be made to the code depending on a change of software or different usernames/passwords ect.
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