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    Just to get some advise from you guys. I have been using Shared hosting from some providers in the state. My emails account have been receiving spam email or rather virus mails which is from my own domain.

    E.g. my domain name is abc123[dot]org
    my email is goh[at]

    and i will receive email from mail[at]abc123[dot]org/info[at]abc123[dot]org/abc123[at]abc123[dot]org. Kindly let me know what to do about this. Thanks!

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    If you check the header details of the e-mail, you will see that e-mails are not in fact sent from your server. It is called masking, one of many techniques used by spammers.

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    Is your company represented?

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    Artashes explained it as best as possible. Nothing much you can do about it except use some sort of a spam filter.

    If you get a hold of the IP from where the spam is being sent from, report it to the proper authorities/ISP.

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    ya. use a filter or complain to your host.

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    There is a service out there called Postini ... I use that and it works VERY WELL!

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    Postini is a great e-mail security software and I'd reccomend to getting that as well.

    You may also want to try and complain to your host since after all, you are on shared hosting but I don't know if they'll really tell you much to help you out.

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