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    Lightbulb Looking for .NET hosting, need your advices & recommends


    I'm looking for a .NET hosting plan with at least following options in reasonable price :

    - 150 - 200MB disk space
    - 10 - 20GB bw/month
    - ASP.NET 1.1
    - Webmail supported
    - Log analysis supported
    - 01 SQL Server database
    - Money-back warranty
    - Demo period is preferred

    Thank you,

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    Depends on what you mean by reasonable

    If you want a reliable Windows host you can look at, I have had no problems with them. They are a little more expensive than other hosts, but you do get what you pay for as far as reliability and service.

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    may i recommend you post this in the hosing requests forum, which is....I can't find there one? I swear there is..

    Maybe that is, I've confused myself
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    162 is good.

  5. #5 is a good Canadian company that specializes in the Microsoft platform.

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    I will second - many web sites up and running for 2 1/2 years
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    Thanks for your replies,

    at a glance, is quite expensive, is via verse , may be suitable for me, but I'm afraid 100MB and 10GB bw is not enough

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    I recommend > they can handle this without doubt.

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    I agree with markcw. I'm hosted with fluidhosting and I think server speed makes it worth.

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    293 is a .NET host that I recommend. The advanced features that they offer and their knowledgable tech support (i.e. knowledgable in ASP.NET, not just hosting) makes them, in my opinion, one of the premier .NET hosts out there today.

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    Most dual platform hosts offer ASP.NET. Make sure they are reliable and offer quality hosting.

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    Yes, more and more hosts are offering both unix and windows (i.e. ASP.NET) hosting, however, I have learned that hosts that specialize in a particular type of hosting provide much better support than a host that tries to support multiple platforms.

    More unix hosts are starting to offer Windows/ASP.NET, however their support for it is God awful. They have no idea how to support .NET and can't answer ASP.NET/Windows related questions.

    If one is looking for .NET hosting, for example, then my recommendation is to choose a host that specializes in .NET hosting.

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    why dont you try microsoft web hosting (bcentral)

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    A list of Microsoft 'Partners' that specialize in ASP.NET hosting can be found here:

    It may involve a little more work, but I suggest looking through that list and then researching them here and via the almighty Google. One nice thing about that list is that you can search by location.

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    I've seen this page long time before, since I'm a ASP.NET forums member. I need more hosting here e.g. customer comment, review, reality experiences... not just ad from hosting provider

    Anyway, thank you

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