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    Info Requesed, about buying/selling sites

    Hey there.

    Im just basically after some info on how people judge the 'worth' of their site when selling? I know that there is no written rule, and that everyone will have his/her own opinion on how much a site is worth.

    What are the defining factors? So far Im assuming
    1) Traffic (particularly uniques per month)
    2) Revenue
    3) Cost of up keep
    4) PR (seems strange that people see this as a big deal...)

    ... Am I missing anything?

    Also what about sites that do not make anything, but havent been aimed at making anything? A site that has never had any adsence and never sold adverising space. How much of a difference does income make?

    Would it be worth getting your site to a stage where its making some money every month before selling?

    Thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully answer) these questions =)
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    Many people are only looking for websites that will make them money from the get-go... and for those, a $0 income website will not be of any interest, and i think that this will have a large influence on selling price, and it will often be a good idea to have it profit-making before trying to sell, or accept a lower price.
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